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Santa's Little Helper

A Christmas Club is a savings account that you can open anytime to save for the most expensive time of the year. With no minimum deposit and no monthly fee, you can put money in the account all year. On November 1st, all of the money you saved is rolled into your basic savings account, plus a competitive interest rate. There will be no coal in anyone’s stocking!

But just in case you should need the money before the rollover date, you may make a withdrawal which includes a $5 service fee.

  • Open any time of the year
  • Choose direct deposit for easy savings
  • Make additional deposits at a branch or online
  • Takes the stress out of the holidays
  • Use savings for Christmas gifts, a vacation, heating bills, deer season, anything you like!
Amount saved per week Amount available for holidays
$5 $220
$10 $440
$20 $880
$25 $1,100
$30 $1,320

Calculations based on weekly saving Jan 1 - Nov 1 with no withdrawals.


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