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E is for Easy


It’s not just about saving paper, e-statements will save you time and space in your home filing cabinet. Each month your statement will be securely delivered to It’s Me 247 online banking where you can view and print anytime. And like your own personal secretary, 18 months of statements are stored for your convenience.

  • Monthly reminder email when statement is available
  • Stores 18 months of statements
  • Can download to your money management software (csv file)

Your e-statement enrollment will also include e-notices. E-notices delivers periodic notices to you electronically instead of a mailed paper copy. Examples of periodic notices are, late payment notices, CD maturity notices, overdraft notices, etc. You may opt out of e-notices and receive these by USPS, if preferred.


E-alerts are here to help you keep track of your money with important reminders and information. Get an email, or sign up for text banking, and we’ll let you know when your payments are due, your account gets low, or when your direct deposit has been posted. Free with every account.

  • Self enroll online or request e-alerts
  • Don’t be late choose loan payment reminders
  • Avoid overdraft fees choose balance alerts
  • Be notified when your paycheck or other direct deposits post to your account

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